Coalition Overview Flyer

Howard County's Housing Crisis - and Recommended Solutions flyer

An Introduction to HoCo by Design YouTube video. In this presentation a planner from the Department of Planning and Zoning provides an overview of what HoCo by Design is and the key housing elements the draft plan includes. 

Housing Equity for Howard County - An Introduction to "HoCo by Design". This is a short video that explores Howard County's housing crisis and introduces the community's plan to address the problems.

Housing Affordability Coalition 2022-2023 Advocacy Priorities.

Affordable Housing Information Sheet

Housing Opportunities Master Plan

2022 Rental Housing Survey

Columbia Downtown Housing Corporation 2021 Annual Report

2021 Self-Sufficiency Report Indicators Association of Community Services

2021 HoCo Population Analytics Association of Community Services

HoCo By Design Website Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning

Inequity Within: Issues of Inequity Across [Howard County] Communities Howard County Public Library System