The Coalition's goal is to achieve community understanding, policy making and regulatory decisions that will lead to an increase in and equitable access to Howard County affordable housing.  We seek to create a community-wide recognition that Howard County's economic vitality is dependent upon access to jobs, housing that individuals and families can afford, a quality educational system, and resident mobility.

"Housing burdens are a consequence of poverty but also a cause. Research has shown that high rent burdens can harm cognitive development, increase delinquent behavior and reduce spending on health care and food, while evictions worsen mental and physical health and force families into worse neighborhoods."

Hope Harvey, a University of Kentucky sociologist, emphasized how much “cognitive bandwidth” housing instability consumes. “It permeates every aspect of family life,” she said. “There’s little left for anything else.”

The NY Times, December 11, 2023

2024 Coalition Priorities Announced

As the new year begins, the Coalition continues it's resolve to engage the community in being active and vocal advocates for progress on preserving the County's current inventory and adding new housing affordable to low and moderate income residents.  2024 Coalition priorities will be:

"Low availability of affordable housing for lower- and middle-income households appears to be the primary driver of cost of living and migration trends [in the State]."  

"More affordable housing inventory can boost Maryland’s economy by lowering cost of living thereby attracting and retaining talent. "

    Excerpts from the Maryland 2023; State of the Economy Report issued January 5, 2024

Case Study: Housing Availability and Affordability -- Why It Matters

Housing availability and affordability was the top concern in every roundtable discussion across the state. Housing is typically not the top concern for the business community and economic development officials. However, post-pandemic, housing is a major issue from an economic development standpoint as both businesses and residents require a sufficient supply of affordable and available housing across all income levels to thrive. Roundtable participants shared specific stories of prospective businesses turning down potential location plans to Maryland due to insufficient workforce housing. Sustaining an in-person workforce is extremely challenging in a tight housing market, especially for lower-paying jobs and jobs in rural areas. Based on population migration data, cost of housing is a primary factor driving decisions about where people live, nationally and in Maryland.

            Excerpted from the full case study (pages 60-53) Maryland 2023; State of the Economy 

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